Green Destinations in Brief

Green values

Green Destinations is a non-profit foundation leading a global Partnership for sustainable tourism. We support destinations in becoming more:

  • Genuine and authentic, celebrating their local culture and tradition;
  • Responsible, defending people against exploitation and human rights violation;
  • Economically sustainable, building upon the local business community;
  • Environmentally sustainable, ensuring public health and safety;
  • Natural & scenic, protecting wildlife and respecting animals.

These ‘green’ values are promoted by our Green Destinations Ambassadors, dedicated professionals committed to develop the Green Destinations Network and to help identify their ‘green offer’. This will help destinations to attract ‘green travellers’, who bring more benefit than mass tourism.

We work together with the tourism industry and media partners to make the green offer of destinations better visible in the marketplace.

To achieve these goals, we are undertaking a range of initiatives:

Sustainability solutions

Effective solutions are essential to make destinations better and more sustainable. We try to make solutions accessible to destinations, and we selected the 2016 Green Solutions Top 10 [link to the new page]. If you participate in our Assessment and Award programme, we will advise you on good solutions.

Destination Assessments, Awards and Certification

Green Destinations developed the most attractive Award and certification program in the market, with an online Assessment & Reporting platform based upon the GSTC-Recognised Green Destinations Standard and the GD Database covering the world's 60,000 destinations. The platform helps destinations to improve destination management and performance, best price guaranteed. [link to new webpage on Awards and certification]

Destination Ambassadors

Green Destinations Ambassadors share knowledge and experiences with colleagues from around the world. Together with experts and solution providers, GD Ambassadors help their destination to improve by implementing ‘sustainability solutions’.

Destinations Network

Destinations that subscribe to the GD Assessment & Reporting platform become member of the Green Destinations Network. With the help of the world’s top experts, we annually launch the Sustainable Destinations Top 100. This competition is a unique opportunity for destinations to strengthen their profile in the field of responsible and green tourism. Through this list we acknowledge initiatives of destinations making progress towards realising ‘green’ values.

Green Destinations Days

Every recognised Green destination is encouraged to celebrate its own local, regional or national Green Destinations Day. Global Green Destinations Day (GGDD’16) was the largest global sustainable destinations conference ever held, bringing together 300 destination professionals from 36 countries from all over the world. An additional 50 students took part in a GGDD Student forum. At GGDD the 2016 Sustainable Destinations Top 100 and the Green Solutions Top 10 were launched, as well the Green Destinations Ambassadors Community. A range of keynote speakers and workshops allowed delegates to share views on sustainable tourism., and become part of the Green Destinations Community. GGDD’16 presentations and picture gallery can be viewed here.