GSTR Baseline Assessment

New Programme for Countries and Regions

In 2015 we will launch a new programme aimed at creating a baseline assessment of the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Destinations (GSTC-D) for selected countries or regions. We will apply new and ground-breaking tools boosting sustainability and visibility of countries and all their destinations.

Selection of countries /regions to join the programme is now open – contact us for more information!

What is it? An Accredited Advisor-Auditor will lead an interactive assessment of the sustainability performance for all relevant policy and management criteria, throughout the country or region.

What is the result? We make a Baseline Assessment report on the entire region or country, on the basis of an interactive process with country experts and a number of destinations. The report will include an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, references to good and less good practices, and recommendations for relevant improvements.

What are the benefits? Benefits of a GSTR Baseline Assessment include:

  • for the countries: recommendations as a basis for the development of new regional and destination strategies and action plans;
  • for the destinations in the country: the GSTR Baseline Assessment will increase the GSTR score for all destinations with 25-40%.


How does this work? Until destinations have participated in a GSTR Destination – or Baseline – Assessment, their score for all GSTC Destination Criteria can only be assessed as zero (0/10). If the Country or Regional Baseline score for a particular criterion is 8/10, this will count for every destination in the country or region.

All destinations that can be considered to be at baseline level will immediately profit from a Baseline Assessment. To further increase their GSTR score, it will be sufficient to address only a limited number of indicators, which saves them a lot of effort, and cost.

Interested Regional and National Tourism Boards or authorities are invited to contact the Green Destinations Team. Then we will proceed by involving you in the preparation of the Green Destinations Baseline Assessment Programme, that will start later this year.

Participation of regions and countries will be limited to 10, including five in Europe.

Elements of the programme will include:

  • Selection of at least two pilot destinations (preferably including a city, a town and a nature park), by the participating country / region.
  • Briefing to participating destinations, region and or country.
  • A 2 or 3-day workshop in one of the pilot destinations, led by Green Destinations experts.
  • A workshop report with draft conclusions, to be commented by workshop participants.
  • A final report presenting the results of the country/regional Baseline assessment, and a verified assessment of the pilot destinations; and presenting recommendations.
  • Incorporation of the results in the GSTR database, to be shared with booking websites
  • Media publicity by the destinations and country/region, supported by Green Destinations