The Green Destinations Standard and the GSTR

A new Destination Sustainability Support System.

The Green Destinations Standard is a tool to measure, monitor and improve the sustainability profile of destinations and regions, and for reporting to:

  • Destinations: we offer a Green Destinations Verification in preparation for certification;
  • Regions and countries: we offer interactive assessments on the baseline performance of GSTC-D.
  • Consumers: we offer free public reporting, especially through tour operators and booking websites.


The Green Destinations standard is a flexible system able to use many different criteria and indicators, including all 41 Global Sustainable Tourism Council – Destination (GSTC-D) criteria and the European Tourism Indicator System (ETIS). The Green Destinations Standard enables to assess and monitor over time: status (quality), trends and policy, by providing a sustainability profile on six different themes: Nature; Environment; Culture & Tradition; People & Hospitality; Green Economy; and Green Policy.


Each criterion is assessed with several indicators on a 1-5 scale. Via a scoring system, a final Green Destinations Rating between 0 and 10 is defined. A destination can be given points for increasing levels of active involvement in a sustainability assessment, as follows:

  1. BasiQ Assessment of Destination Quality indicators from neutral sources (Internet, databases, Google Earth): up to 7 points (max 7/10). This assessment can result into a BasiQ Award.
  2. GSTR Assessment Verification: a 3rd-party verification of a Self-Assessment by the destination: this provides up to 2 points extra (max score 9/10). This Verification provides an overview of strengths and weaknesses, a number of brief recommendations, and an indication of the likely QualityCoast or QualityDestination Award level (BasiQ, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum).
  3. Certification in line with GSTR and GSTC: will add the final points (max 10/10).


The Green Destinations database contains data of more than 1000 destinations, which are displayed to consumers by an increasing number of tourism booking websites, spearheaded by affiliate BookDifferent. Additional agreements have been made with others to display Green Destination’s data as well, including: TUI BeNeLux, Corendon Vliegvakanties,,, DestiNet, and BookGreener.


Interested to apply the Green Destinations standard to your destination? Ask us for a free self-assessment!