More Sustainable in 4 Steps

Green Destinations | Leading places to sustainability

Green Destinations assists ambitious destinations with a customized, interactive approach to improve quality, sustainability and market visibility. We believe in the following 3 principles:

Think globally, act locally: Take a strategic approach based on common local ambitions

A strong local economy: Create synergies between local businesses and the local community

Transparency: Tell the world what you’re doing


More Sustainable in 4 Steps:


We approach sustainability for destinations according to these 4 steps:

Step 1. Self-Assessment
Assess the current sustainability situation of your destination with the Green Destinations Standard.

Step 2. Assessment Verification
Discuss your self assessment results with a Green Destinations expert and develop a plan for short-term improvements.

Step 3. Certification
Become officially recognised by certification programs meeting your ambitions after third party auditing.

Step 4. Monitoring & Benchmarking
Measure your progress in an easy and affordable way, enabling you to take measures where necessary.

4 Steps

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