Pilot and Auditor Training


Green Destinations Pilot & Auditor Training

Register now, and learn how to assess destinations against the Green Destinations standard (GSTC Recognised).

The Green Destinations Standard & Reporting Platform was launched early 2016. In order to test and become familiar with this online system, a ‘Pilot & Auditor Training’ is running since February, and may be repeated in the near future.

This is a unique opportunity for tourist destination managers; tourism and public administration experts; and consultants, to gain and exchange experience on how to apply the Green Destinations Standard and its online assessment platform, helping to make tourist destinations more sustainable and attractive.

The pilot and training of auditors is set to take place as follows:

  1. Participants select and team up with a tourist destination with a genuine interest in sustainability to pilot the standard and online platform;
  2. Participants and their destinations receive each a separate login to the Green Destinations online platform and collaboratively complete an initial destination assessment using the system (consultant/adviser role);
  3. Subsequently, participants desk-audit a co-trainee’s destination in order to cross-check compliance with the criteria (independent auditor role);Capture
  4. At the same time, each participant will be responsible for formulating detailed guidance about how criteria should be assessed, thereby contributing to the GD Auditors’ Guidance Manual.


Important considerations

  • Destinations to participate in the pilot should:
    • be typical tourist destinations, and have some kind of Destination Management Organisation (public or private);
    • have a dedicated contact person willing and able to collaborate during the time of the pilot;
    • have genuine interest in sustainability.
  • The training language will be English but the standard will soon be translated into Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Slovenian, Greek, Turkish and others.
  • Participants should expect to dedicate 50 to 60 hours, including the coaching of their ‘own’ destination and desk-auditing the ‘new’ destination.
  • Participation and use of the online platform during this pilot phase is free of charge for auditors-advisers and destinations.



  • Destinations, having completed the pilot assessment successfully, will have a consolidated assessment of their sustainability level ready for recognition (Award or Certificate) by one of the affiliate award and certification programmes QualityCoast or QualityDestination.
  • All criteria that are confirmed will contribute to the Green Destinations Ratings (a score linked with the GD Standard but also including quality indicators), which is communicated to the general public through selected Online Travel Agents such as www.bookdifferent.com.
  • Candidate auditors, having completed the auditor training successfully, will become part of the auditor pool and eligible to conduct destination audits in the future by one of our partner award & certification programmes such as QualityCoast or QualityDestination.


For more information, download the general Green Destinations Pilot and Auditor Training

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