Green Destinations Ratings (beta)

Welcome to the Beta-version of the GreenDestinations rating system – a unique sustainability assessment system for tourism destinations. On this page, the scores are provided for selected destinations worldwide.

Destinations are invited to provide feedback if any anomalies are found: The rating system is under continuous improvement and ratings are updated biweekly.

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  • The themes included in the destination ratings are the following;

    Green Destinations Rating This rating (scale 0-10) reflects the overall sustainability and the quality of the destination, taking into account all ratings below. A green colour indicates a good situation, red indicates low performance.
    Wildlife watching How is the place for spotting wildlife, and how close is it to a nature area? You may think of birds, and in coasts and islands also underwater life, whales and dolphins.
    Landscape Does the place offer scenic beauty, (sea) views, forests and landscapes with traditional farming? For cities: how green are they?
    Nature How much nature can you find? How well did it survive touristic development?
    Safe bathing Hygienic quality of bathing (swimming) water quality, average of measurements from last 1-2 years.
    Clean Air Quality of air, average of a variety of measurements from last 1-2 years.
    Culture & Tradition Is the place interesting for its cultural heritage and for its local character, architecture, customs and traditions? Rating from statistics and visitor reviews.
    Visitor reviews How much do visitors like the place? Rating from visitor (
    Safe against crime How safe will you be against all kinds of crime? Rating comes from crime statistics.
    Human rights Are people respected? This means: no abuse of women and children; no human trafficking, no discrimination; freedom of press. Rating based onstatistics and UN reports
    Green economy Does tourism help improving the environment and the livelihoods of local people? We look at hotel eco-labels, (green) energy, water, waste, corruption control, stability and peace.
    Green Policy Do authorities take actions to keep the place healthy and green? To make sure that we can enjoy it in the future as well. Ratings based upon an independent expert assessment of the destination’s policy and management, with global (GSTC) criteria.
    Q-score The destination’s policy and management has been approved (certified) by independent experts, and the results are publicly available.